Multiple ways to display and arrange our Nativity provide
opportunity for selection to suit any living space and price points.  
Our collectible art form, is available year round.

Sue Burkhart Chisholm...Clay Artist         All rights Reserved      
1991-2018 ©       Handmade USA.
"Working One at a Time, to Make One of a Kind......Every Time"
My desire to share traditions inspired me to create a clay nativity.

I use a collection of treasures, either family heirlooms or special found objects
to make the textures in the clay.

“The Treasures” are literally stamped into the clay. After textures are
embedded, the clay is shaped, and the figure is completed.

Combining the use of vintage texture items with my contemporary clay designs,
gives the Nativity a One of a Kind Look...Everytime. This generates a new
form of  artistic folklore for families to share.”

Sue Burkhart Chisholm
The Nativity  2018