STUDY IN ANGELS  1991-2018

Each Burk’Art angel started with a series of sketches, and
then patterns were cut out like paper dolls. The patterns
were then tested in the clay. Prototypes developed. Fired,
glazed....and reviewed. After about 10 prototypes a rhythm
develops and one style emerges.

The original angel, Lacy began in 1991 as I developed the
Nativity Scene. She has been given texture form select lace
pieces form family collection of laces.

I started studying the old masters paintings for new ideas. I
noticed how many of the paintings had  angels above the
manger, over watching over the Holy Family. The design of
our manger didn’t inspire an idea for  angel placement above
the manger. After much study, I decided to make Her taller.
She then could watch over all the other nativity pieces.
Simple solution. Grace was on the drawing board right after
that decision.

“Grace” defines momentum; it is a form of energy. It is a
coping mechanism, an act of faith, or optimism. Perfect name.
Angel Grace has double wings ...there are just some days
when “grace” needs a double set of wings to soar. On other
days the double set of wings serve as an artistic statement.

My first creative Angel experience was in second grade. I
portrayed The Angel in the Nativity Story. Tinsel halo, white
linen sheet, satin cord around my waist. Who knew what that
experience later would foster.
Sketch from 2014
"Lacy"  My Original Angel     Price:  $43.00
I’m  enjoying
experimenting with
alternative firing
process, just for the
fun of it.
Left is sager firing,
Right is Raku.
Available locally, only.
Limited supply.

Angels drying,
waiting for kiln

"Grace"     Price:  $57.00
Sue Burkhart Chisholm...Clay Artist         All rights
Reserved      1991-2018 ©       Handmade USA.
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