Nativity Scene or Manger  Set              
The Holy Family, manger with copper star

top left to flock
ram, aka dad, top left
the black sheep,
Suffolk ( black face)sheep,
the lamb,center  
and the ewe, aka mom completes
the family flock.
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The Finishing Touches given the CLAY Nativity robes and animal bodies are textures
derived by embedding relics from my family collection of antiques and other treasures.
The collection spans 5 generations and 3 continents.

Each nativity piece is hand formed. Beginning with a slab of damp white earthenware clay
( similar to porcelain); forms are cut, and the textures are embedded. The delicate slab is
folded or drape, over a cone base. A body develops and the nativity scene takes shape.
Left hand cradling Mary.
All the copper  patina applications
are also created in the Burk' art
Clayworks studio.  The 8 point star,
staffs, gifts, and saddles.
The sheep dog
List of the Antiques Impressed in the Robes
Joseph’s robe is impressed with a cut glass shaker                                         
Baby Jesus’ swaddling clothes are impressed with a fruit strainer,           
The Crib is linen napkin.                                                                                          
The Kneeling shepherd's robe is impressed with chair canning.          
The Wisemens’ robes show a button centered in the impression of                             
antique  hardware used to open windows.
The manger is impressed using a piece of granddad’s old barn door.

The Donkey’s texture is from a mold/stamp of a 1947 Willis jeep tire.    
The Camel’s texture is a chamois and tapestry.                                               
The Ram’s coat texture is a Georgia peach pit.                                            
The Ewe’s coat texture is from a cinnamon stick.                                        
The Lamb’s wool texture is a seashell.                                                          
The sheep dog has a river rock impressed for his fur.                        
The cow and calf (revised)  has imprint made from rock wall.
contentment. Relax and take the time to enjoy the holidays after a busy day. The
other  instrumental 10 songs are The traditional songs of The holidays,
composed and performed with an up beat  new age jazz flavor, dash of humor,
and love of   music!!!!Availble by special order.
Musical Magi is composed, performed and recorded by Ginger Bisel and Bob
Stewart ©2012. ECA Publishing, Marietta Georgia.
All rights reserved © Sue Burkhart Chisholm     1991-2016.
Angel and Lace
The Wisemen
Vintage Beads for crowns.
Gifts are handmade bead,
base. Gifts set sold seperate
from The Wisemen.
The Holy Family
A shepherd  and sheep
Mary's donkey
The Work Bench at Burk'art studio with Select Treasures
revised smaller cow and her calf
The Camels***New texture
each year.
copper foil saddle fits both donkey or camels
Updated Oct 2013.