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Each piece has its own personality by the way the head tilts...
...the way the clay is draped, or the patterns made by the “treasured texture tools
handed down from our family”. Details are below.
Cut from handmade templates the pieces are individually textured and shaped. No two
will be exactly alike, but always similar in design.
Pristine white earthenware is the clay bodied used.

Sue Burkhart Chisholm
Holy Family     Price:  $73.00

Joseph’s robe is impressed with a cut glass salt shaker from the 1930’s.  
Mary’s robe has handmade laces  impressions spanning back to 1870.                            
Baby Jesus’ swaddling clothes are impressed with a fruit strainer from the 1940’s.
The bed has eyelet from a linen napkin part of Christmas table cloth from the 1960’s.
Kneeling Shepherd with Copper Staff, & (1) Sheep     Price:  $53.00

Kneeling shepherd's robe is impressed with chair canning from the 1950’s.
The Ewe’s coat texture is from a cinnamon stick.
Wisemen       Price:  (Sold as a set)  $97.00

Wise men's’ robes have antique brass  window hardware and a button from the 1920’s.
Assorted beads, swarski crystals, and  semi precious stones make up the crown.
Varies with beads in stock.
The Gifts (Artists interpretation of Gold, Frankincense & Muir) Price: $20.00

Vintage beads are set on copper square.  Beads will vary as supply of vintage beads
changes.  Photo is NOT to scale.
The Manger & Copper Star     Price:   $53.00

The manger is impressed using a piece of Granddad’s old barn door...the barn was built in 1890.
The copper star is hand cut by the artist. Patina applied.  Patina color will vary by the weather.
Patina is sealed.
Mary's Donkey     Price:   $43.00

Mary’s Donkey’s texture is a clay mold used as a stamp of a 1947 Willis jeep tire.
We call the old Jeep “ Hardly Able”.   He  still is  in the family...waiting for next
fishing adventure.
The Camel     Price:   $43.00

Camel’s 2018 texture is a "Block Print Stamp".
Copper Saddle     (Fits both Donkey & Camel)     Price:   $18.00

The copper saddles are made of light weight copper foil. Copper patina applied and
sealed. The saddle will fit both donkeys and camels made from 1998 to 2016.
The Cow & Calf     Price:   $43.00

Cow and Calf bodies are textured with stones collected from Eureka Springs, Ar.,
on a vacation in 2000
The Ram     Price:  $22.00

Ram’s coat texture is a Georgia peach pit...We live in Georgia, gotta have a peach!
The Lambs     Price:  $16.00 Each

The Lamb’s wool texture is a seashell from a vacation in Florida 2001
The Suffolk Sheep     Price:  18.00

The Suffolk's coat texture is from a cinnamon stick.
The Sheep Dog     "RETIRED FOR 2018"

The Sheepdog’s fur and paws texture is made from Rio Grande River rock.      
The Geese     "RETIRED FOR 2018"

Each Goose is burnished smooth, and glazed with a matte white glaze.
The texture on the knob of the bill is made by a lovely seashell
from the Bahamas.
"Lacy" The Traditional Angel     Price:  $43.00

The Lace Angel wing’s have the textures of many generations of laces .
"Grace"   Price:  $57.00

Grace’s wings are never the same. Assorted  treasures  will be selected.
I have modified her wing somewhat for 2018.
Sue Burkhart Chisholm...Clay Artist         All rights Reserved      
1991-2018 ©       Handmade USA.
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The Standing Shepherd     
Price:   $37.00

The standing shepherd comes with
a hooked cooper patina staff, no

Texture is a crochet dish rag from
the old family cabin...
The Howdy
in the Upper Rio Grande
River Valley in Colorado.

We have sold lambs and Suffolk
for years, the Standing Shepherd
has a flock to tend. If not, add
the one you want to the order.

(New For 2018)