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Retail Price Sheet for 2018
Here's How To Order:
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770-479-3229  fax                         404-435-0093  cell/text
or simply call  1-770-479-3168  with your order so we can discuss
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Holy Family  (Mary, Joseph, Babe, and Bed).....$73.00

Kneeling  Shepherd w/Copper Staff & one Sheep.....$53.00        

Young Shepherd Boy w/Copper Walking Stick & one Suffolk Lamb....
.$51.00   (NEW FOR 2017)

Standing Shepherd w/Copper Staff-NO Sheep.....$37.00   (NEW FOR 2018)

Set Of (3) Wisemen.....$97.00  

Set of (3) Wiseman Gifts (made with copper, clay, & vintage beads).....
$20. 00       

Mary's Donkey.....

Camel.....$43.00    (New Texture for 2018)

Cow and Calf.....$43.00

Manger/Creche W/8 Point Patina Copper Star.....$53.00        

Suffolk Sheep.....

White Lamb.....


Black Lamb.....

Australian Sheep Dog (Black, Rust & White).....  
 ** "RETIRED FOR 2018"

"New" Geese-A Pair (2)  Glazed White w/Rusty Orange Bill...... ** "RETIRED FOR 2018"               

Lace Textured Traditional Angel    

"Celeste"  New for 2016.....  ** "RETIRED FOR 2018"     

Taller Standing Angel   "Grace"  .....$57.00       

Copper Foil Saddle Blanket  (fits both Mary's donkey & Camels) sold individually.....$18.00

Shipping Charges:   UPS ground residential rate

Georgia Sales Tax for Georgia Residents & in State delive

We accept    Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card  

Nativity orders...allow 3-4 weeks from date of order, depending on the season.
Order early!  
Pricing effective JUNE 1, 2018
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upcoming busy season!